Mike Lindsey

Mike Lindsey was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. An adopted only child, Mike grew up finding creative ways to entertain himself. Often feeling like an outsider growing up, humor and comedy became a tool often used to help fit in and/or as a protective mechanism. In high school, the new coping skill became alcohol and drug use. These new addictions became embedded in Mike’s life and a breeding ground for many more addictive and destructive behaviors.

Unfortunately, a plethora of addictions have plagued Mike for over 30 years. Many of those years he got by as a functioning addict. He was married for twenty years, has two wonderful kids and a solid professional resume with experience in distribution, warehouse management, cost accounting and business analyst roles. He was also a baseball coach for 12 years and a professional umpire for several years. All of these things began to unravel and eventually resulted in the loss of everything. After spending a year homeless on the streets battling a crystal meth addiction, Mike took steps to reclaim his life.

Today, Mike celebrates over two years clean and sober and has found new confidence and zest for life. During his early days of recovery, he decided to pursue a life-long goal of becoming a standup comedian. He is now the proud Founder/Producer of Unloaded Comedy – Laugh Yourself Clean with the vision of bringing levity to the difficult challenges recovering addicts face every single day. Sharing the therapeutic attributes of comedy and laughter, as a tool in recovery, is the key mission of Unloaded Comedy.

In addition to unveiling and producing Unloaded Comedy, Mike has also launched a recovery-based clothing line. AIR – Addicts In Recovery are the proud makers of AIR Wear Recovery Gear. AIR believes recovering addicts should all take pride in the accomplishment of reclaiming their lives from addiction. AIR also believes in having an air of dignity as we recover and share our stories in an effort to shatter the stigma that surrounds recovering addicts.