Unloaded Comedy – Laugh Yourself Clean is a new recovery based stand-up comedy show. We share experience, strength and hope through comedy by bringing light to dark places and shattering stigmas surrounding addiction. There are tremendous therapeutic and healing powers associated with laughter. Our goal is to use the power of comedy and laughter to truly celebrate just how far we have all progressed on this new journey of recovery.

One of the most unique, positive and direct benefits for each community that hosts Unloaded Comedy is the opportunity for us to plant some seeds. As part of our mission, we will be holding an Unloaded Comedy Workshop. One recovery comic creating another and the power of multiplying that effort over and over. The planted seed is now growing, the benefits are limitless. We offer addicts a method of therapy and a positive way to process their pain. We even fill the pipeline with new recovery comics across the country. The positive effects are multiplied…again and again.